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The Ajial hydraulic shears of the CHA series guarantee reliable, high-precision and fast operation, with an unbeatable price-quality ratio. Ajial hydraulic shears are manufactured from the best components, which allows guaranteeing quality and precision in the cut with a more moderate investment and within the reach of all metal cutting and deformation workshops.

The Ajial shears of the CHA series have mechanisms for quick adjustment of blades, a tilting stop system, a low-maintenance hydraulic unit, compact and located on the work table; Hydraulic cylinders connected in series and of easy assistance; hydraulic hold down systems; hydraulic overload protection system; fine adjustment system for blades and adjustable cutting length.

The standard equipment of Ajial CHA hydraulic shears consists of blades made of alloyed material, blade spacing, back gauge by control of an axis and memory programming, sliding steel ball table, millimeter square with slot for retractable stop, arms millimetric and grooved for retractable stops, it has strokes with zero setting, sheet metal fall ramp, cutting light illumination and safety pedal.

Ajial hydraulic shears comply with CE regulations.

The technical characteristics of the Ajial Shear model CHA 630 of 3 meters by 6 millimeters are:

  • Cutting length: 3,100 mm
  • Maximum thickness (sheet 40-45Kg): 6 mm
  • Maximum thickness (60Kg sheet): 4 mm
  • Number of holders: 15
  • X axis stroke: 20-1,000 mm
  • Pendulum cut (minimal deformation)
  • Knife gap
  • Sliding steel ball table
  • Millimeter square with slot for retractable stop
  • Millimeter arms (1x meter of the machine) and grooved for retractable stops
  • C.N. ESA S625 X axis positioner
  • Memory for storing a large number of programs.
  • Cut length selector.
  • Cutter.
  • USB with technical office software.
  • Knife gap indicator.
  • Counts strokes with zero setting
  • Safety pedal
  • Cut light illumination
  • Sheet metal drop ramp
  • Main motor: 7.5 kW
  • Stop motor: 0.55 kW
  • Voltage 380 Three-phase
  • Certificate C.E.


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